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Elevate your senses with our Vegan Gift Hamper, a symphony of plant-based delights that redefine gourmet indulgence. Immerse yourself in the exotic allure of Glace Ginger, the sweet and tangy embrace of Mango Chutney, and the zesty kick of Southern Cross Salsa. Enhance your culinary creations with the richness of Sundried Tomato & Roasted Garlic Infused Oil, a culinary masterpiece. Satisfy snack cravings with the wholesome goodness of Fav-va Beans, Green Stuffed Olives, and Roasted Salted Nut Mix. Breakfast becomes a delight with Macadamia Toasted Muesli, and the bold Wasabi kick of Roasted/ Salted Wasabi Macadamias. This Vegan Hamper is a celebration of flavors, cruelty-free and utterly delectable.




Just like all our customers, we are sure you will love our beautifully packaged hampers.  Our hampers are great gifts for friends, family and colleagues for birthdays, anniversaries, special occassions and Christmas.


Please select from our wide range of curated gourmet hampers,  tell us the address where you want it sent and we will organise everything else for you.  We will beautifully package your hamper in an environmentally friendly gift box and send it to your friends/ family with a personalised hand written message on a gift card.  You can tell us at Checkout what you want us to write on your behalf on the Gift Card.  We send out the hampers on the next working day after we receive the order.  The courier service is tracked and we are always available for any assistance. 


Please note that the images on this page are just a guide to give you an idea of the style of products.  Some of the products may vary. Please refer to the list of products on this page to see the details of the products included in this hamper.


    • 125g Buderim Ginger Glace Ginger
    • 300g Country Harvest Mango Chutney
    • 280g Country Harvest Southern Cross Salsa
    • 150ml Gourmet Afrika Sundried Tomato & Rstd Galic Infused Oil
    • 200g Happy Snack Co Lightly Salted Fav-va Beans
    • 440g Siena Foods Green Stuffed Olives
    • 75g Nutworks Roasted Salted Nut Mix
    • 400g Nutworks Macadamia Toasted Museli
    • 125g Suncoast Gold Rstd/Sltd Wasabi Macadamias 
  • Delivery: Please note that delivery is not included in the above price.  The delivery cost will be added to your cart prior to payment. Please refer to the 'Delivery' tab in the website Footer for delivery times.  Thank you.




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