Gifting Etiquette



Choosing a gift for a colleague or client can be a challenging and tricky task.


It is not always easy to come up with an idea for a gift or present while still following company protocol or etiquette.


Corporate gifting is intended to strengthen relationships so it’s important we get it right.


In order to avoid having your good intentions ‘backfiring’, here are a few corporate gifting tips and guidelines to keep you on the safe track.




Know the company protocols or corporate guidelines


Some companies have very strict policies concerning gifting - what kind of gifts their employees can receive, if any. To avoid returned gifts from a recipient within a large company, check with their Human Resources Department.


Do your research ahead of time, and know if they have gifting restrictions before making a purchase order.


Know your recipient


Find out more about what your colleague or client loves or enjoys - their hobbies, sports, pastimes, preferred food and beverages. If this seems difficult, ask their assistant or associate. Do they love music? Golfing? Cooking? Knowing this will help you choose a gift which shows an interest in them personally, making your recipient feel more valued and your gift (and consequently you) more memorable.


If this isn’t possible, choose a gift which is useful and universally acceptable, such as a quality gourmet hamper.


Consider the cost


While gift giving is all about saying thank you rather than trying to impress the recipient, choosing a gift with an inappropriate level of cost can cause embarrassment for both parties. An overly lavish present may be seen as trying to ‘buy’ loyalty or make the recipient feel somehow indebted. A ‘paltry’ gift can make the recipient feel undervalued and make you look miserly.


Obviously, the situation and business relationship will determine what is an appropriate amount to spend at any given time, so there will be vast differences as to what constitutes ‘appropriate’.




Corporate branding on gifts can be a great way to help your client remember your company, but you might want to rethink printing your company logo boldly on your gift. Make sure your company logo is inconspicuous so it doesn't look like an advertisement. Whatever you decide to give - pens, clothing, letter openers — make sure the logo is understated enough not to be a distraction to the gift itself. 




Be appropriate, and think twice about humorous gifts


Sometimes, an innocently given gift can be taken the wrong way. What might seem funny to you could be insulting to another. Know your recipient well enough to know their sense of humor and also avoid any gift that might seem even slightly intimate.


Be generous


Especially in the case of food. When sending a food basket or gourmet hamper to your recipient’s office, make sure there will enough for everyone, because your client might well feel obligated to share with their colleagues, while still hoping to have a little to take home. 




The way you present your gift is an important part of the gifting process. Make sure your gift is wrapped professionally and presented in a festive way. Quality presentation immediately impresses. Utilising the services of a professional corporate gifting company, such as a gift hamper business, should ensure your gift is tastefully and professionally presented.


Personalise your thank you card


A personalised message on your gift card makes the gift more genuine and personal. A handwritten thank-you note is ideal, as it lets your recipient know you value and appreciate them. 

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