Foster Long Lasting Business Relationships With Local Enterprises to Uplift the Whole Community


Staying and keeping it local creates a ripple effect in the community from the income you generate, local taxes you pay, and buying from local suppliers. 


Staff whose income is spent locally add to that effect also.


By now you can see the big picture of how supporting the community through fostering lasting relationships with native enterprises keeps the economy rolling. Thus, keeps the community thriving. 

Support Local Products and Services


Cultivating long lasting business relations with local producers and manufacturers as well as service providers by patronizing their products and services creates a local supply base. A native supply base benefits your company in two ways; you know the product or service you are getting, and you have more control over the pacing of supply since you know the people and the enterprises. 

  • Know local products, produce and services that are available for your own enterprise. Learn how they are made and the materials/ingredients used for the products.
  • Get a little personal by getting to know the people behind the enterprise. Gather information about them and maintain a friendly but professional relationship with them. Being amicable and aware of the people behind your suppliers reinforces your reputation as being aware and concerned about your community.
  • Local products are usually distinct and have an artisanal edge over mass-produced products. In other words, they are special and including them into your products or services gives you the edge too.

Creating More Jobs


When you support, keep close and long-lasting relationships with local enterprises, you are part of the chain that generates more jobs in the community. Creating more jobs for the locals mean higher circulation of disposable income. Buying your supplies from native producers also keeps the money within the community.


This brings about a chain of effect wherein companies and individuals pay their taxes, and the dollars collected are used for the development of the community including funding for public schools, parks, and public recreation areas as well as transportation and other public community-owned utilities.


Fostering local enterprises and creating lasting relationships work to your advantage and help your community to thrive. These result in better relations with known and highly regarded suppliers - giving you a distinct edge with your own product or service. Also creates more jobs and opportunities for you and the community as a whole.

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4 Ways to Empower Modern Customer Care

With many brands focusing on delivering customer satisfaction, the concept of customer empowerment is sometimes overlooked.


In the past, meeting customer expectations and delivering good service was sufficient.  Nowadays with modernisation and technology there is even greater competition among brands.


To empower customers and give them confidence in their choices, brands are pushed to make each experience flawless. Feedback from customers is paramount.


Let's look at five ways to empower the modern customer. 

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Tips To Control Christmas Stress

Christmas seems to come around so quickly each year.
Some love it, some dread it. For many, it brings pressures of busy social gatherings, extra cooking, shopping and managing heightened expectations - especially of children.

Here are some ideas to reduce your stress and enjoy the Christmas period.


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Create a Happy Culture that Inspires and Motivates Your Staff



Creating a happy work culture is essential for employee loyalty, retention, and keeping them motivated, productive, and accomplished.


It has been proven time and again that employees who feel accomplished and appreciated stay longer, and remain productive and ready to face any challenges. 


Bonuses and incentives don't always have to be in the form of money.


Other ways of showing appreciation are knowing employees, what they like, and giving them gifts that express your involvement in their professional lives. 


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Producer Spotlight - The Happy Snack Company



Since re-branding in 2015, The Happy Snack Company has been supplying a healthy range of roasted Chickpea and Fav-Va Bean snacks to D’licious Gourmet Hampers, proudly displayed alongside other quality epicurean foods produced here on the Sunshine Coast.

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Peregian Beach Village

Recently Peregian made international news for all the wrong reasons. The coastal town which sits surrounded by Noosa National Park, was under siege from a bushfire, the likes of which the area has never experienced before. Fanned by strong, blustery winds, the fire turned into a firestorm which threatened hundreds of homes on both sides of David Low Way. Fanned by swirling winds, showers of red-hot embers burst into spotfires and rapidly increased the spread and intensity of the fire.


Without the heroic and ‘herculean’ efforts of the firefighters and other emergency services, literally hundreds of homes would have burnt. It was described as nothing short of a miracle that only one home was lost to the fire and no one was hurt. The already tight-knit community banded together to help one another and are in awe and filled with deep gratitude to those who saved the community from becoming a charred ruin. And as happens after natural disasters, life has returned to normal for most residents, who await rain to regenerate the bush.


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What's Changing... or not... in the Business World



The business world is like the world we live in as a whole—every minute brings about changes.  For a business to continue being competitive, they must be able to identify these areas or sectors that are changing, and be able to move their business forward by following the right trends and skill sets. Some of the sectors include -


• Technology

• Marketing

• Communication methods


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Maroochydore and Cotton Tree: the heart of the Sunshine Coast


Situated half way along the coastal stretch, Maroochydore is literally the heart of the Sunshine Coast. Blessed with pristine beaches and the beautiful Maroochy River and Cotton Tree, Maroochydore is also the original and still the largest commercial hub of the region. With a multitude of shops including the recently extended Sunshine Plaza, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and accommodation options at every level, visitors will want for nothing.

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Gifting Etiquette



Choosing a gift for a colleague or client can be a challenging and tricky task.


It is not always easy to come up with an idea for a gift or present while still following company protocol or etiquette.


Corporate gifting is intended to strengthen relationships so it’s important we get it right.


In order to avoid having your good intentions ‘backfiring’, here are a few corporate gifting tips and guidelines to keep you on the safe track.




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Brisbane Gift Hamper Specialists


The popularity of Brisbane’s annual Regional Flavours food and wine festival is indicative of our growing passion for quality regional gourmet food. An increasingly informed and discerning public are demanding more from food producers and suppliers than ever before.


Consumers like to know not only what is in the products they are buying, but also where they have come from and how they have been produced. ‘Farmgate to plate’ is more than a glib advertising slogan. It intimates a journey where food has been grown and produced with pride and passion and consumed with appreciation and delight. At a time when convenience and speed of availability drive many of our choices as consumers, a return to caring about the provenance of food is both heartening and inspiring.


It is exactly this emphasis on provenance that has led to the growing demand for our regional gourmet gift hampers. The Sunshine Coast, Queensland, is recognised across Australia as a rich food hub with a plethora of quality food, producers and chefs. This ensures we are ‘spoilt for choice’ when selecting artisan products for our gourmet gift hampers. 


Originally most of our clients and customers were sending our gift hampers to or from the Sunshine Coast. However our corporate clients are increasingly Brisbane based businesses, wanting a quality, regional gift hamper or basket for their clients or staff. Due to our close proximity to Brisbane, we are able to offer same day or next day delivery of our hampers to most Brisbane locations.


Our long held passion for regional food has only grown with time. We are proud to provide gift hampers for our Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland customers that support our farmers and producers, while giving joy to the lucky recipients. We know we are doing something right when many of them become our next customers! 


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Producer Spotlight - Hinterland Feijoas



Hinterland Feijoas are Australia’s first organic feijoa growers, and have around 700 trees on their Sunshine Coast hinterland property.


Every March owners Sally Hookey and Peter Heineger  harvest around 8 tonne of fresh feijoas , and open their farm gates to the public to sell their fruit.

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Regional Flavours: July 20 and 21 2019


Foodies from near and far will descend on Brisbane’s Southbank Parklands this weekend for Australia's largest free food and wine festival, Regional Flavours.


This premium, annual event is sponsored by The Courier-Mail and proudly supports Queensland farmers and small businesses. It showcases the state’s best producers and gives exposure to the area’s quality food, beer and wine.

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Mapleton - another Sunshine Coast hinterland jewel


A short 10 min drive west of Nambour, the delightful Sunshine Coast village of Mapleton can be found high on the Blackall Range. While not as famous or populated as it’s southern hinterland neighbours - Montville and Maleny, Mapleton offers sweeping 180  ͦ rural views of the Sunshine Coast. Surrounded by lush farming land and national parks, the township retains the charm of yesteryear. The historic Mapleton Tavern, quaint cafes and shops, the post office and local school all contribute to form the small commercial hub of this closely-knit community.

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Noosa North Shore to Rainbow Beach


Road trips have long been part of our Australian travel identity. But what if the trip isn’t so much of a ‘road’ trip as a ‘beach’ trip. On the north eastern side of the Noosa River is the start of the Noosa North Shore. This pristine stretch of coastline provides approx. 55 km of sandy highway all the way to Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach. Aptly named ‘The Great Beach Drive’, this remote stretch of beach within the Cooloola Coast is backed by the Great Sandy National Park.

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Benefits of Buying from a Family Owned and Operated Business



Buying things from a family-based and operated business comes with a lot of benefits.


Sometimes, it's not about the products you are buying, but about the relationship you are building. Someone once told me that everybody knows everyone; it just takes seven friends that know each other to get to anyone in the world.


Here are five (5) of the benefits I enjoy most about buying from a family-based and operated business.

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Why Corporate Gift Giving is Essential for your Business 


There have been a lot of speculations about gift giving in business.


Some people see it as unnecessary or at worst, a form of bribery.

Others see it as a way of showing gratitude and building relationships.


But what does corporate gift giving mean? And why is corporate gift giving essential for your business?


Corporate gift giving is an effective way to establish a cost-effective means of recognition that ends up benefiting your business. While the essence of corporate gift giving is misinterpreted by some people, the plain simple truth is that people love to gift to significant others.

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The Need for Healthy Competition in Business



As a business owner, you are always going to face competition from other businesses. How you handle such competition can determine your level of success.


For a business to grow, there is a need for a healthy competition. Here are five reasons to prove how crucial it is.

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5 Great Camping spots on the Sunshine Coast


Easter is just around the corner and most of us are hoping to get away for a few days of R & R. If camping is your preference for a relaxing holiday in a beautiful location, we are spoilt for choice on the Sunshine Coast. From rainforests and mountain streams, river side or beach front, close to amenities or quieter and more isolated, there are no shortage of options.


Here are some of our favourite spots to camp. 



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What our Customers Think of D'licious Gourmet Hampers



As Corporate Gifts - our gift hampers make the perfect settlement or hand over gifts for the property market.


We recently sat down with one of our corporate clients to ask them how working with D'licious Hampers has helped their business.


We specialise in creating gifts for you that will leave a lasting impression with a grateful recipient.

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Where Eagles Soar…mountain summits to hike on the Sunshine Coast

Fancy an outdoor activity to boost your physical and mental well being in a spectacular location? Then look no further than a hike up one of the many mountain summits on offer in the Sunshine Coast. Ranging from challenging to a gentle 200 m walk up from the car park, there is something for everyone.


Breathtaking views await you! Here are some of the more ‘family friendly’ options. Make sure you take water and snacks, wear suitable footwear and clothing, always take weather conditions into account and stay on the main tracks. 


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4 Ways to Guarantee Customer Loyalty



A small business is supported by its loyal customers.


In times like these where competition is greater than ever, customer retention is vital to the long-term health of your business.


In a busy marketplace - gaining customer loyalty can be challenging.


Focusing on these 4 things will help.

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How to Convert Window Shoppers into Buyers


To witness your customers walk in and out of your shop - be it physical or online empty handed, is heart-breaking.


You love and believe in your products and services - so why hasn't a sale resulted from your customer's visit?

There are people in large numbers browsing the web in a similar state of mind to a physical window shopper.


Your website is a digital shopfront. There are millions of people window shopping without an intention of buying, not engaged in a buying process.


Use your creativity to present your product to it's best advantage!

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Celebrating Australia Day: Jan 26 2019

Australia Day is a day to relax, socialise and celebrate how lucky we are to live in this great country.


Australia Day celebrations are as diverse as our multicultural society. From cricket matches, music festivals, markets, thong throwing competitions, parades and tug-o-war competitions, this is the day to get outdoors and soak up the carnival atmosphere with family and friends.


Pack a picnic, light up the BBQ and kick back and enjoy.

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The Top 7 Gift Ideas Under $75




When searching for the best corporate gifts to give to your co-workers, employees, partners, or customers, it can be difficult to find that special something without breaking the bank. But if you’re about to give up on corporate gift ideas, don’t.


Because the following list of gifts are well thought out and actually under $75!


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Christmas on the Sunshine Coast

What better way to spend Christmas in Australia than near or at the beach….

and what better place in Australia than the beautiful Sunshine Coast?!


From the beach to the bush, the Sunshine Coast offers the perfect location to celebrate this Christmas.


Here is a taste of what’s on offer:


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5 Easy Productivity Tips to Gain more Time in Your Day


Each day - each person receives a new 24 hours. What you do with that time is your decision.


Many of us struggle with the balance of work and play, family and outside responsibilities. Your responsibilities serve others, whereas your passion serves you. Prioritising both without sacrificing either is difficult.


Here are some ideas on increasing your satisfaction with how you use your hours each day. 

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Tips To Control Christmas Stress

Christmas seems to come around so quickly each year.

Some love it, some dread it. For many, it brings pressures of busy social gatherings, extra cooking, shopping and managing heightened expectations - especially of children.

Here are some ideas to reduce your stress and enjoy the Christmas period.

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5 Reasons Why Shopping Early is Always Better

No matter how good our intentions are, many of us are guilty of waiting until the last second to buy gifts.


However making that our standard way of gift shopping is not doing us any favours.


Here are 5 good reasons to plan ahead and shop early.

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Noosa’s Southern Beaches: from Peregian to Sunshine Beach

Noosa is internationally renowned for its famous beaches and national park headland. However just to the south lies a lesser known strip of pristine coastline that takes in several other beaches within the Noosa Shire. 


Even in peak time, it is possible to find an isolated stretch of beach or sand dunes to claim as your own. Noosa Council’s stringent building laws have ensured that any beach front properties along this section of coastline are built behind a substantial ‘nature strip’, separating any buildings from the beach itself. As such, it is often possible to forget suburbia is still close by.


All the beaches are popular with surfers, fishermen, kite surfers and locals or visitors wanting to enjoy seaside nature at its unspoilt best.  Aside from the road, walking and cycling tracks, which pass through long sections of native bush, connect the beaches. 


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Small Business Customer Focus

Small Business Customer Focus



A positive customer experience is the most important aspect of any business.


In our fast, modern world of competitors, connectivity and highly informed customers it's essential.


Retaining and delighting your customers is key. Let's see how you can achieve this.

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Mooloolaba - Sunshine Coast Holiday Icon

It is not hard to see why Mooloolaba Beach has been named in Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Beaches in Australia for the last 2 years running.


The pristine, north facing beach provides protected swimming conditions year-round. Running between Pt Cartwright to the south and Alexander Headland to the north, this idyllic strip of white sand and crystal-clear blue water hems a thriving dining, shopping and accommodation precinct.


Add access to a range of exciting leisure pursuits, national and international events, Sea Life Aquarium and a renowned fresh seafood precinct and it becomes obvious that Mooloolaba Beach deserves its iconic reputation. 


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Busting Corporate Gifting Myths


Corporate gifts count as one of the most humble and genuine ways of influencing your customer base.


Let’s break some common misconceptions that have been till now associated with the norms of Corporate gifting -


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Stylish yet Thoughtful: The Ultimate House Warming Gift Ideas!


Choosing a house warming gift that is stylish and thoughtful at the same time can get tricky! Besides, there are a number of factors that go into choosing the perfect house warming gift for new homeowners, including its practicality, aesthetic quality, the recipient’s tastes, and most importantly your budget.


You want to choose a house warming gift for your friends, family or clients that they will enjoy and be grateful for. Take a look at some ultimate house warming gift ideas, that are stylish yet thoughtful at the same time -



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Top 3 Customer Service Essentials for Small Business Owners


Growing a profitable small business is dependent on growing your customer or client base. 


If you envision a flourishing future for your small business, keep these simple customer service essentials in mind.



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Caloundra - Beachside Haven on the Sunshine Coast

At the southern end of the Sunshine Coast can be found the perennial favourite, Caloundra. With pristine beaches, a stunning coastal walk, lake and waterways, nature reserves, heritage listed sites and a thriving dining and shopping precinct, Caloundra offers an ideal base for residents and holiday makers alike.


Add an enticing variety of festivals and events, markets and outdoor activities, and situated only 90km north of Brisbane, this is one spot you will want to return to again and again. Its long history as a family friendly holiday destination with a laid back vibe has fortunately been maintained as Caloundra has grown in size and sophistication.


Here are some treasures you simply must explore.

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Why We Love Regional Produce (And You Should Too!)



Let’s face it - long gone are the days when everyone grew fresh produce in their backyard. Still, in times when globalization takes a toll on everyone’s health, more and more people are concerned about the quality of the food that they eat.


Besides the obvious reason, which is eating something fresh instead of something that has been frozen or chemically preserved, there are many other reasons for the importance of food that is regionally produced. 


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5 Reasons to Outsource your Corporate Gifting



Corporate gifting is an effective marketing strategy employed by many companies to enhance customer loyalty, improve brand awareness, boost morale and engender goodwill.


If you've decided to use this strategy - here are a few reasons why you should outsource the service rather than do it in-house.

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Head to the Hills in Montville


If you’re visiting the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Montville is the perfect place to stop. Situated on the scenic tourist drive in between Maleny and Mapleton, this quaint country town is nestled in the rural beauty of the Blackall Ranges. It’s worth planning your stop in Montville to coincide with lunch or morning or afternoon tea time. It’s just that kind of town. 



As you cruise up the ranges into the Hinterland your ears might pop with the altitude! Even though it’s only a 30-minute drive from Maroochydore, you’ll feel as if you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the seaside resort towns. Although Montville rightly attracts its fair share of visitors too.

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Pain d'espice

    Our recipe this week is from The Long Apron, Pain d'espice is a French banana ginger bread
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5 Reasons You Should Base Your Business on the Sunshine Coast




The Sunshine Coast is among the fastest growing regions in the country with a growth rate of 4.6%. It is quite difficult to find anyone living on the Sunshine Coast who wants to relocate.


Though some of the people may move away for a few years for travel, study or work, they often return to settle in the region for good. Interestingly, you will find many reasons to base your business on the Sunshine Coast. 

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Small-Business Time Wasters and How to Beat Them

Most small business owners site a desire for more freedom and flexibility of time as a motivation for starting their business.


It is ironic then, that many small business owners are more time poor than they ever were as employees, particularly if they are sole traders. 


Here are some common time wasters small business owners face every day and ways to overcome them.


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Why Our Hampers Fit a Minimalist Lifestyle


Minimalism is on the rise. While there are many misconceptions about minimalism it can be simply explained as


"... reassessment of your priorities so that you can strip away the excess stuff — the possessions and ideas and relationships and activities — that don’t bring value to your life."


From Minimalism Explained


Our gift hampers fit with a minimalist lifestyle. We keep our hampers simple, thoughtful and full of amazing Sunshine Coast Regional Produce. 


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Ginger and Turmeric Salmon Curry

  • Sum Yung Guys is the brainchild and passion of 4 talented young chefs who have created a dining experience that highlights their passion for Asian cuisine and culture. The dining room exudes a warmth and energy that resembles the food they put on the plate. Their passion for excellence is evident in not only their food and beverages, but also in the service. Do yourself a favour and visit them at Duke Street, Sunshine Beach. You may need to book though! Word has spread!
    Recipe from Sum Yung Guys
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Naturally Beautiful Noosa Heads

Noosa is famous both nationally and internationally as a desirable location to holiday (and live if you’re lucky!) and for good reason. It’s crowning glory is undoubtedly the actual headland itself, which was fortuitously designated a national park in 1939.  Covering an area of 454 ha this forested gem provides spectacular coastal scenery and at certain times of the year and weather conditions, spectacular surf. Clear turquoise water with secluded sandy bays provide idyllic protected swimming spots. 


Rocky outcrops with tidal fairy pools offer a better experience than any infinity pool! The sandstone gorge known as Hell’s Gates borders the pristine surf beach of Alexandria Bay. Continue south from there over the southern end of the Headland to finally descend onto North Sunshine Beach. On the way you will pass above yet another white sandy bay encompassed by forest, which is harder to get to and consequently often deserted. Outlying rock pools even contain coral!

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The Etiquette of Gift Giving in Business

Gifting is an art form and is a perfect way to strengthen relationships in an expressive way.   Sending gifts to clients has become an imperative marketing strategy in the business world. This strategy, as any other, involves associated etiquette which needs to be understood and followed.


In the corporate world, you may choose to send gifts to clients as a token of gratitude or to express appreciation for your business relationship. These gifts are given with the intention of giving pleasure to the recipient, but not knowing the correct etiquette can result in an awkward moment both for you and your client.



Keep these factors in mind when planning corporate gifts -

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Reliable Ways to Turn Unhappy Customers into Loyal Fans


Running a business is not an easy task. It requires continuous effort to maintain long term relationships with your clients and attract new ones to enhance your business sales. Add to this that during this journey you will face some hurdles and likely, an unhappy customer.


Although you may have made all efforts to satisfy your customers, situations may arise where these efforts are not enough.


Here are some effective ways which you can use to turn your angry or unhappy customers into loyal fans.

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Gift Giving for Business – Why it’s a Win-Win

It is a fact, people love to receive gifts. Psychologists agree that the exchange of gifts assists in strengthening relationships. This fact applies to the corporate world as well.


Gifting expressive items to your clients lends a helping hand in highlighting your firm’s business objectives and identity. In addition, gifting also works as a token of gratitude and appreciation for people who have invested in your ideas and business.


Here are some more reasons why client gifting is imperative for your business (no matter how big or small it is).

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From Gift Baskets to Gift Hampers – the Evolution of Corporate Gifting

In days gone past, a gift ‘basket’ was virtually the only way a gift hamper was packaged.


Cane baskets of various sizes and quality, many resplendent with a large oval handle, were the expected and preferred packaging. Invariably these were presented in a layer of cellophane, usually tied on top with a large vertical ‘frill’ of cellophane, often much larger in dimensions than the hamper itself.


This no doubt made the gift look somewhat spectacular and certainly larger than life. Buyers liked the idea of giving a gift that looked so large and generous.

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Feijoa Almond Cake

  • This light cake is perfect with a cup of tea on an Autumn afternoon - it's feijoa season now so, a perfect time to bake!
    Recipe from Hinterland Feijoas
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8 Experiences not to miss in Noosa Hinterland


Most people associate the Sunshine Coast hinterland with the beautiful Blackall ranges, home to towns such as Montville and Maleny. 



However not far to the north is the less well known but just as beautiful Noosa Hinterland. Rolling green pasturelands, lakes, forests, quaint country towns, art galleries, cafes, farm gates, day spas, B&Bs, boutique breweries, walking and mountain bike trails …..  There really is something for everyone!

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