5 Quick Tips about Corporate Gifting


Corporate gifts are one of the best ways to show appreciation to your valued clients and strengthen your bonds with them. However, choosing a gift for a client or colleague can seem daunting.


There are a lot of questions when it comes to corporate gifts such as…


• ‘What kind of gift do I need to buy?’

• ‘How to make sure that my clients like my gifts?’

• ‘What is the right budget to spend on corporate gifts?’

• ‘Who should I buy them from?’


To answer these questions, we are listing five quick tips about corporate gifting - to prepare you well before the holiday season begins.



1. Make it personal 


Corporate gifts are a great way to make your clients feel valued. A simple handwritten thank you note or card makes your gift personal. Try to select a gift that reflects your clients likes or needs. Customers do repeat business with people they like and trust. In turn, they like to feel appreciated. By personalising your gifts, you will show them your clients your care and build stronger relationships with them.


2. Ensure the gift is appropriate for the recipient and occasion


If your corporate gift has no use other than acting as an item of clutter, it will definitely mean nothing to the person that you are giving it to. After all, you definitely want to find something that they will want to use - and something that is appropriate for them or the occasion in which you are giving it. Check for any cultural, religious or dietary considerations the recipient may have. The last thing you want is to give a gift which offends. It is also important to give a corporate gift of an appropriate value. Spending too much can seem lavish and cause embarrassment. Spending too little can be deemed miserly. 


3. Quality rather than quantity 


A stylishly presented, quality gift is infinitely more impressive than a large, showily decorated, poorer quality one. Also, sometimes even beautifully packaged gifts end up being no more than lots of packaging and little substance. Aim for simple, tasteful style with a quality gift inside.


4. Timing is important 


Stand out from your competitors by sending a gift at a time when your client may not be expecting one, e.g. birthday, commencement of holidays, or a little earlier than the usual Christmas rush. Remembering and recognising their birthday is very thoughtful and bound to earn you favour. Christmas is a common and sometimes expected time to thank your clients with a gift. A good way to make your gift (and consequently your business!) more memorable to the recipient is to send it earlier in December. Just before Christmas they may be receiving many gifts, and yours may just get ‘lost in the crowd’.


5. Outsource to a professional company 


To provide a corporate gift that looks professional and will make the best impression, leave it to a respected and established corporate gift hamper company. Choose a company where you can speak to a person, not just a computer. You want a gift supplier who listens to and meets your needs in a professional and efficient way. They provide both a product and a service and will save you a great deal of time, while presenting you and your business in the best possible light.


A Final Word


In the end, corporate gift giving is an important part of business culture. If you do it right, you can build ongoing relationships with your clients by making them feel valued and appreciated, and with minimum effort to yourself.

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Caloundra - Beachside Haven on the Sunshine Coast

At the southern end of the Sunshine Coast can be found the perennial favourite, Caloundra. With pristine beaches, a stunning coastal walk, lake and waterways, nature reserves, heritage listed sites and a thriving dining and shopping precinct, Caloundra offers an ideal base for residents and holiday makers alike.


Add an enticing variety of festivals and events, markets and outdoor activities, and situated only 90km north of Brisbane, this is one spot you will want to return to again and again. Its long history as a family friendly holiday destination with a laid back vibe has fortunately been maintained as Caloundra has grown in size and sophistication.


Here are some treasures you simply must explore.

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Why We Love Regional Produce (And You Should Too!)



Let’s face it - long gone are the days when everyone grew fresh produce in their backyard. Still, in times when globalization takes a toll on everyone’s health, more and more people are concerned about the quality of the food that they eat.


Besides the obvious reason, which is eating something fresh instead of something that has been frozen or chemically preserved, there are many other reasons for the importance of food that is regionally produced. 


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5 Reasons to Outsource your Corporate Gifting



Corporate gifting is an effective marketing strategy employed by many companies to enhance customer loyalty, improve brand awareness, boost morale and engender goodwill.


If you've decided to use this strategy - here are a few reasons why you should outsource the service rather than do it in-house.

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Pain d'espice

    Our recipe this week is from The Long Apron, Pain d'espice is a French banana ginger bread
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Head to the Hills in Montville


If you’re visiting the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Montville is the perfect place to stop. Situated on the scenic tourist drive in between Maleny and Mapleton, this quaint country town is nestled in the rural beauty of the Blackall Ranges. It’s worth planning your stop in Montville to coincide with lunch or morning or afternoon tea time. It’s just that kind of town. 


As you cruise up the ranges into the Hinterland your ears might pop with the altitude! Even though it’s only a 30-minute drive from Maroochydore, you’ll feel as if you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the seaside resort towns. Although Montville rightly attracts its fair share of visitors too.


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5 Reasons You Should Base Your Business on the Sunshine Coast




The Sunshine Coast is among the fastest growing regions in the country with a growth rate of 4.6%. It is quite difficult to find anyone living on the Sunshine Coast who wants to relocate.


Though some of the people may move away for a few years for travel, study or work, they often return to settle in the region for good. Interestingly, you will find many reasons to base your business on the Sunshine Coast. 

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Small-Business Time Wasters and How to Beat Them

Most small business owners site a desire for more freedom and flexibility of time as a motivation for starting their business.


It is ironic then, that many small business owners are more time poor than they ever were as employees, particularly if they are sole traders. 


Here are some common time wasters small business owners face every day and ways to overcome them.


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Why Our Hampers Fit a Minimalist Lifestyle


Minimalism is on the rise. While there are many misconceptions about minimalism it can be simply explained as


"... reassessment of your priorities so that you can strip away the excess stuff — the possessions and ideas and relationships and activities — that don’t bring value to your life."


From Minimalism Explained


Our gift hampers fit with a minimalist lifestyle. We keep our hampers simple, thoughtful and full of amazing Sunshine Coast Regional Produce. 


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Naturally Beautiful Noosa Heads

Noosa is famous both nationally and internationally as a desirable location to holiday (and live if you’re lucky!) and for good reason. It’s crowning glory is undoubtedly the actual headland itself, which was fortuitously designated a national park in 1939.  Covering an area of 454 ha this forested gem provides spectacular coastal scenery and at certain times of the year and weather conditions, spectacular surf. Clear turquoise water with secluded sandy bays provide idyllic protected swimming spots. 


Rocky outcrops with tidal fairy pools offer a better experience than any infinity pool! The sandstone gorge known as Hell’s Gates borders the pristine surf beach of Alexandria Bay. Continue south from there over the southern end of the Headland to finally descend onto North Sunshine Beach. On the way you will pass above yet another white sandy bay encompassed by forest, which is harder to get to and consequently often deserted. Outlying rock pools even contain coral!

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Ginger and Turmeric Salmon Curry

  • Sum Yung Guys is the brainchild and passion of 4 talented young chefs who have created a dining experience that highlights their passion for Asian cuisine and culture. The dining room exudes a warmth and energy that resembles the food they put on the plate. Their passion for excellence is evident in not only their food and beverages, but also in the service. Do yourself a favour and visit them at Duke Street, Sunshine Beach. You may need to book though! Word has spread!
    Recipe from Sum Yung Guys
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The Etiquette of Gift Giving in Business

Gifting is an art form and is a perfect way to strengthen relationships in an expressive way.   Sending gifts to clients has become an imperative marketing strategy in the business world. This strategy, as any other, involves associated etiquette which needs to be understood and followed.


In the corporate world, you may choose to send gifts to clients as a token of gratitude or to express appreciation for your business relationship. These gifts are given with the intention of giving pleasure to the recipient, but not knowing the correct etiquette can result in an awkward moment both for you and your client.



Keep these factors in mind when planning corporate gifts -

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Reliable Ways to Turn Unhappy Customers into Loyal Fans


Running a business is not an easy task. It requires continuous effort to maintain long term relationships with your clients and attract new ones to enhance your business sales. Add to this that during this journey you will face some hurdles and likely, an unhappy customer.


Although you may have made all efforts to satisfy your customers, situations may arise where these efforts are not enough.


Here are some effective ways which you can use to turn your angry or unhappy customers into loyal fans.

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