The ripple effect of spending your business dollars locally

As a small business you have responsibilities to your customers, staff, and suppliers but also to your community. To stay afloat, local businesses count on your patronage, and every transaction is important to them. 


If possible, spend your hard-earned dollars with local or independently owned businesses that are within your community. Buying a gift for a friend or buying dinner, can also double as supporting local businesses and, in turn supporting your local economy. 


This way, money spent stays in the community creating a positive impact on local and independent businesses. 


Here are just some benefits of supporting local businesses – 


1. Local jobs 


The small businesses in your locality are also job creators.

And the best part? Many of these jobs are local! Employees will no longer need to travel for work.

By supporting local businesses, fellow community members have improved job opportunities. 


In addition, more central locations as well as more efficient land use, put less demand on roads as well as safety services. 

2. Keep the dollars in the local economy


If you compare the chain stores with the locally owned small businesses, you will see that the latter recycle a higher share of their revenue back into the economy of the locality. This helps in enriching the entire community. 


3. Diverse, unique and locally made products and services


Locally manufactured one-of-a-kind products can attract a lot of customers to the community, contributing to the local vibe and local economy. When local residents find locally-made goods attractive it also has a knock-on effect of minimizing their carbon footprint. 


Gift giving is a perfect example - there’s nothing better than gifting something locally made in your community. You can literally send a piece of home! 


We have the privilege of living in the glorious Sunshine Coast region which produces delicious fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Many local producers use these in their artisan creations of jams, spreads, vinegars, wine, the list goes on!


Go and see what your local community has on offer – you may be surprised.

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New Year's Resolutions for Your Small Business

2018 is here and with it, as with each new year – the chance to review, renew and refresh. This opportunity can be personal or professional.


So, is it time to make your business more organized as well more profitable.


Your business resolutions can relate to various areas of operations but it’s ideal if they can make your employees and customers happy at the same time! If you succeed in doing so, nothing will stop your business from improving.

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Taking a Break – the need to rest and recharge

There is some truth in the common saying about “all work and no play”. 


Our bodies are designed to need good, regular sleep to recover from daily stresses to keep working as well as we demand. They may be programmed to handle our daily lives, yet the fact of the matter remains that, rest is mandatory.


The end of a year is an ideal time to assess the year that has gone by. Take time to be grateful for our successes and happiness and reflect on ways in which our lives could be altered for the better. 


Some things you may choose to do to take time out include:-

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Tips To Control Christmas Stress

Christmas seems to come around so quickly each year.
Some love it, some dread it. For many, it brings pressures of busy social gatherings, extra cooking, shopping and managing heightened expectations - especially of children.
Here are some ideas to reduce your stress and enjoy the Christmas period.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

From the likes of Google to Ben & Jerry’s, some of the world’s largest and most financially successful businesses have embraced measures to promote “good corporate citizenship”. It’s paying off, with workplaces aspiring to socially responsible practices, community mindedness and sound ethics.

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Twilight markets to visit on the Sunshine Coast

  • With Christmas fast approaching and our balmy Summer evenings, this is the perfect time to discover some of the Sunshine Coast’s night markets. 
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Classic Caesar Salad with a Twist!

  • We've given this classic recipe a twist and substituted our local producer, Happy Snack Company's Fa'Va Beans or Chick Peas for usual croutons. Extra crunch guaranteed! For another choice - substitute the Caesar dressing for one of the Pomodoras, Maleny Cuisine or Hinterland Feijoas Salad Dressing range. We use all these gorgeous products in our hampers (and our kitchen!). Recipe based on
    Hello Summer!
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Glass House Mountains - a Local Secret!

Just an hour north of Brisbane, the Glass House Mountains iconic skyline is well known in Queensland. The Glass House Mountains were named by Captain Cook during his voyage of discovery along Australia’s east coast.


The Glass House Mountains area is spiritually significant to the Aboriginal Traditional Owners, with many ceremonial sites still protected today. The bush here sustained people for thousands of years. The Glass House Mountains area provided many resources from a varied and rich environment which included river systems, open forests, coastal wetlands and mountain forests.

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4 Practical Ideas for Creating a Valued Workplace

If you have been fortunate enough work in an environment that buzzes with positive energy and happy personal, you can be sure the employees feel valued by management. No one could disagree that feeling valued and appreciated makes you want to ‘go an extra mile’ for the person/s involved. 


Conversely, feeling unappreciated or undervalued can lead to apathy and at worst resentment. As a boss, how can you make sure your employees feel appreciated in order to create a healthier and more productive environment for everyone to be a part of?

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How to ensure you buy the 'Perfect' Christmas Hamper

Purchasing a good quality Christmas Hamper for Corporate Gifts is a pretty safe bet for Corporate Christmas Gifts.

Even the Queen of England does it!


But with so many companies on the market and so many hampers to choose from, where do you start?

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5 Reasons Why Shopping Early is Always Better

No matter how well intentioned, most of us are sometimes guilty of waiting until the last second to buy gifts.

However making that our standard way of gift shopping is not doing us any favours.


Here are 5 good reasons to plan ahead and shop early.

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Why Eco Friendly Gifts Are The Only Way to Go

Giving gifts is fun.


Some might argue that it’s even more fun than receiving them. However, giving gifts that are harmful to the environment doesn’t leave anyone feeling good. And unfortunately this is the case for many gifts we find while shopping. Whether they are gifts that are made from materials that are detrimental to the environment or if they are simply gifts that will be tossed out too soon, like cheaply made toys that break or novel gifts that take up too much room or are just not needed.

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Organisation: The Secret Behind Success

Having your own business is a dream for many people. We have all fantasized about being our own boss.


But being a business owner brings a different type of stress. As a small business owner you become your own accountant, marketer, employer, customer service representative and much more.


The best way for a business owner not to become overwhelmed with the multiple dynamics of their job is to stay on top of organisation.

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