Coolum Beach

Coolum offers the perfect beachside holiday. With world class beaches, secluded bays, scenic lookouts and a relaxed holiday vibe, it's no wonder it has long been a popular spot with visitors and locals alike.  Coolum has a unique charm and beauty you will fall in love with!


Despite it's fast growing population, Coolum has managed to maintain it's 'coastal town' charm. With it's beautiful surf beaches and bays being it's undisputed main attraction, the area offers a wonderful selection of accommodation, dining, entertainment and shopping options to cater for all tastes and budgets. And the nearby Mount Coolum is an imposing volcanic dome that dominates the landscape of the area.

History of Coolum 


Originally the traditional land of the 'Yinneburra' clan, which was part of the larger Gubbi Gubbi tribe, the name Coolum is derived from the Aboriginal word 'kulum", meaning 'blunt' or 'headless'. This is referring to the shape of Mount Coolum, part of the Aboriginal legend in which Ninderry knocks off Coolum's head, which falls into the ocean to form Mudjimba Island. 


The first pastoral lease by Europeans was made by Grainger Ward in 1871 to run cattle. In 1881, Mark Blasdall planted the first sugarcane in the area and built a sawmill. Clearing Coolum Creek enabled steamships from Brisbane to enter to load timber and deliver supplies.


A mailboat service on the Maroochcy River was established in 1909, and this provided the first regular connection between Coolum and Yandina. By 1925 the first trafficable road to Coolum was completed, allowing vehicle access between Coolum and Yandina for the first time. The tramline from Maroochy River was extended in conjunction with the release of good cane growing land. Cane farming became synonymous with the area, until the relatively recent closure of the Nambour Sugar mill sadly heralded the end of the local industry.


Since the 1960s, tourism has become the area's main source of financial stability.

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Organisation: The Secret Behind Success

Having your own business is a dream for many people. We have all fantasized about being our own boss.


But being a business owner brings a different type of stress. As a small business owner you become your own accountant, marketer, employer, customer service representative and much more.


The best way for a business owner not to become overwhelmed with the multiple dynamics of their job is to stay on top of organisation.

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Mojito Magic

Our  recipe this month is from our feature producer, Suncoast Limes.


With Spring upon us, what better time to have a refreshing drink to serve your visitors, or just enjoy yourself. This recipe is for one serving, but you can adjust it accordingly and make a pitcher full.


For the non-alcoholic version, simply leave out the white rum. 

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Our Food Philosophy: Why We Do What We Do

There are a lot of different ways you can do business. But when it comes to the food we provide our clients, we believe there is only way. As a local business on the Sunshine Coast, we are dedicated to making sure that everything we do and provide is community based and excellent quality. 


Being part our community is what drives us each and every day and is what helps us to succeed. When people notice that you are doing good things, they want to join in.


We are proud of our food philosophy and happy to share our beliefs with you!

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The Real Cost of Food Wastage

Vast amounts of consumers in affluent societies fail to realise the extraordinary volume of food-waste that the average person contributes every year, resulting in the increase of greenhouse gases emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere.


Australians throw out $8-10 billion of food every year. As a nation we waste four million tonnes per annum of food which ends up in landfill. 1

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How Listening Will Really Help Your Business

 In every relationship a person longs to be heard.


There is no difference when it comes to the relationships you build with your customer. Actively listening to your customers concerns, desires and everyday rants can boost your business in ways you never thought possible.


To have a well-rounded brand, you need to find a balance between what you know and what you still need to learn and understand. 

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Queenslander for the Premier's Department



As a company that bases it's business on the provision of gourmet hampers that showcase quality local produce and producers, D'licious Gourmet Hampers are delighted to be selected by the Qld Premier's Department as their preferred provider of gift hampers for visiting international dignitaries.


There is a growing demand world wide for quality regional food which typifies the region it originates from. As proud Queenslanders, we are fortunate to be blessed with a wealth of quality produce and talented producers. Flavours such as ginger, mango, pineapple, macadamias, avocados, passionfruit, to name a few, have become synonymous with Queensland.



Our hampers provide a sampling tasting of these flavours, in quality products that are both delicious and useful. They are indeed the perfect gift for a visitor to our state, and, one which they can continue to savour when they return home and fondly remember their time spent in the paradise we call home. 

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Classic Ginger scones


This classic scone variation is reproduced with permission from Buderim Ginger, with thanks.


Making scones is quite forgiving. Just a couple of rules. Treat dough gently, mix and knead briefly to prevent the gluten in flour developing which will toughen the scones. And using buttermilk produces tenderness and lighter scones .. wonderful in fact! 


Prep Time  20 mins

Cook Time  8-10 mins

Makes  18

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8 Places you must visit in Yandina

Yandina is one of the oldest towns on the Sunshine Coast. Situated between Nambour and Eumundi and less than 20km west of Coolum Beach, it is centrally located to take advantage of both the Blackall Ranges to the west and pristine surf beaches to the east.


The Maroochy River and South Maroochy River wind through fertile farming and grazing land, natural rainforest, parks and reserves, making the area a rural haven. The iconic Australian country town itself and picturesque surrounding area provide visitors with many wonderful places to explore.


Here are some not to miss...

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Three Greatest Challenges Faced by Beginning Sole Traders



Owning your own business is a dream come true for most sole traders or 'soletrepeneurs'.


You’ve done all the research, you’ve opened your doors and business is starting to trickle in, but the road hasn’t been a smooth one.


Along with the satisfying feeling of living out your life-long dream come all the challenges of beginning your business as a sole trader. 



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Sharing Your Story With Your Customers



Telling a good story is the key to connecting with your customers and growing your business. More and more brands are realizing the power a relatable story can have in helping transform their presence. A good brand story can help boost your social media presence, bump up your website hits and help your company build its “tribe”.


Sharing your story makes you a real person in your customers’ eyes. And people want to do business with real people. 


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Where The Foodies Are Going This Winter: Regional Flavours




Each July, Australian foodies make the pilgrimage to one of the most tempting events in all of Brisbane - Regional Flavours. This gourmet food event showcases the best food and producers from all corners of Queensland, introducing food lovers to new favorites and reminding them of the country’s most popular classics.

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Closing the Gap: Gift Giving to Family, Friends and Colleagues Around the World 




Gift giving should not be a chore. It is something that should come from the heart. Giving gifts is a way to extend your love for a person and to take the time out of your day looking around for things that you know they would love.


All of this is especially important when your family, friends and colleagues are spread around the world.   

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