Five important reasons to start eating and buying your food locally now

1.     Local food tastes better.  It’s absolutely no secret that locally grown, fresh food tastes better. A lot better. And still people ignore it, lining up at the supermarket to purchase produce that has been picked too soon, shipped around the world, and has been touched, bumped, and bruised by countless people. When you cut down on the shipment process, you can eat food that was quite literally picked just days before (and sometimes even the day of). Local food has been loved at every step, and you can taste that difference in each bite. Not a believer? Compare a fresh egg omelet to a supermarket egg omelet and you’ll never go back to store-bought eggs again!


2.     You directly support your community.  When you buy locally you are investing in the community you live in. You are helping farmers, small-businesses, and family-run operations thrive. You would be surprised at how many people in your area would love to grow and create food, but who feel like there’s not enough money to be made. The problem isn’t demand (everyone needs to eat!), it’s the fact that local people choose to support big businesses instead. By purchasing locally sourced food, you are not only nourishing yourself and your family, but you are nourishing the very place that you live by putting your money back into it.


3.     You get re-connected with seasons and cycles.  In this hyper-driven, technologically-consumed world we live in, more and more people are starting to feel the negative consequences of disconnecting with the natural world around them. And while not everyone can start a farm or have the time to maintain a huge garden, buying locally is an easy way to be reminded of the beauty and bounty that surrounds you. Very few people question how strange it is to eat fruit and vegetables out of season, expecting to find whatever they want whenever they want by simply going to the store. But the fact is that it is very strange, and detrimental for our planet, to be demanding that out-of-season produce gets shipped around the world. When you start to pay attention to the world around you, you begin to appreciate the natural seasons and cycles, looking forward to when your favorite fruit is finally back in season. The best part? When you take that first bite of that perfectly ripe piece of heaven, it most certainly won’t disappoint.


4.     Local food isn’t mysterious.  When you have no idea where your food is coming from, chances are you also have no idea what is in it or what has been done to it. The number of additives, mystery ingredients, and chemicals used to get food to be shipped thousands of miles and on a huge scale can be shocking. When food is produced on such a big scale and at such a great distance from where it is being consumed, large companies are often driven by cost cutting to maximise their profits. Local food, on the other hand, is raised, grown, and created by people you know and by people who know them. There is accountability on the local level and, when done on a smaller scale, production is more manageable, making everyone’s lives a whole lot better.


5.     Buying local makes everyone’s future better.  There are very few people who can honestly say they have no desire to leave the world a better place. Most people, when asked directly, care deeply about the state of our planet and the future that is being created for our children and grandchildren. When you purchase at a local level, you are helping to ensure that you are doing your part to make the world a better place to live and thrive. Local food is better for the environment, cutting down on emissions, waste, and chemicals needing to be used, and is better for every community around the world.


Yes, buying and eating locally grown or produced food matters.


Which is why it’s so important to look into your community and see how you can support those who are producing and providing local food and buy food that tastes better, looks better, and makes the region you live in better too.




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